Go local

It has to be said, local experiences mean a lot to us and are a centerpiece of most of our programs. Getting to experience things from a native's perspective is part of the experience and the local population in Morocco is by nature highly welcoming and friendly. Our team of guides and drivers are there to add value to your holiday by helping you meet local people and facilitate opening doors to Moroccan culture and society but also ensure they that local people share in the profits from tourism. We’ve put together a list of our top memorable local experiences worth squeezing into this lifetime.

Dinner with a Moroccan family

To live immersive experience, to meet the local population, the best is still to invite yourself to Moroccans for an unforgettable lunch. Welcomed in a magnificent traditional house, by a typical Amazigh ( Berber ) family preciously chosen by us, the scenery is total. You can taste authentic dishes prepared by the family while discovering Moroccan traditions. A true parenthesis that will give you the keys to better understand Moroccan culture and interact with hosts who truly have a sense of smile and hospitality. In addition, during the month of Ramadan, we organize evenings where guests can break the fast with a family at sunset.

Cooking class with a Moroccan chef at his home

Get insights into Moroccan cooking techniques and ingredients, in the authentic setting of a local family house. This is a popular immersive experience to uncover the secrets of Moroccan cuisine and gain more insight into how Moroccan people live. Groups are generally very small, with around two to six people, letting you really benefit from the one-on-one time and a hands-on cooking class, where you can watch, assist, and learn from your Berber host, preparing meals according to oral recipes that have been handed down over the years. You can savor your creations at the end of the class. A variety of spices, like cumin, turmeric, cayenne, saffron, and cinnamon, can be bought to take home. Lessons can be tailored to meet individual requirements, so if there’s a particular dish that you’re burning to create, this would be a great choice for you. You can learn how to prepare vegan or keto-friendly dishes and meals that are free from gluten or dairy products. Classes are available for children too.

The Moroccan Hammam, a unique experience of well being

In Morocco, the Hammam is a real ritual, an art that is passed on from generation to generation to the delight of its inhabitants and travelers. In the scent of argan oil and orange blossom, welcome your senses for a moment of pure well-being. Relax with a traditional Hammam or opt for a personalized program with scrub, wrap, facial or hand beauty.

Local Market Visit

Markets, or souks, are a major feature in Moroccan life and in particular in rural areas. Each town has its special souk quarter that operates once a week and the towns in which they take place are named in part after the day of their souk. When the first souks appeared within Morocco, they were nothing more than small areas outside the city for the trading of goods, business negotiations, social gatherings, and a way for people to stay in touch with developments in the region. Today souks have become an important part of the culture socially and act as the heart of any town. Souks begin on the afternoon preceding souk day, as people travel from all over the region; those who live nearer set out early in the morning of the souk day. If you are in the right place at the right time our guides and drivers are informed to include a visit to your itineraries.

Couscous Rolling

Couscous is a national dish in Morocco, eaten at lunchtime on Fridays after the collective prayer, at weddings, and during Ramadan… It’s an important element of Moroccan cuisine made of small steamed balls of crushed durum wheat semolina, meat, and seven vegetables. Head away from Marrakech and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Middle Atlas Mountain in a full-day excursion that takes you to a women’s association where visitors are taught the art of couscous rolling. You’ll roll your own couscous from scratch, learn all the techniques and secrets to make the authentic delicious Moroccan couscous that is going to be your lunch. This experience will also allow you to get a unique glimpse of the traditional rural life in the area.

Lunch in a Berber village in the Atlas mountains

One of the most enduring images of Morocco and lifelong memories can be created by simple encounters along your trip, and getting invited inside a traditional indigenous house in a Berber village in the high majestic atlas is a must-do experience in Morocco. This once in a lifetime experience will take you in a full-day excursion to discover Berber villages, learn everything about the Moroccan organic Argan oil, taste argan oil, and the famous Amlou made of nuts, pure honey, and argan oil, experience close-up the famed hospitality of the people, which is often quite humbling, see the inside of a typical house and enjoy home-cooked Berber food.


Traveling also means discovering traditions and opening up to new cultures. Taste the local cuisine is, therefore, an integral part of the trip! Moroccan cuisine is a reflection of its history and the different populations that have lived on its land. It comes from ancestral know-how which is transmitted from generation to generation through gesture and speech. Its particularity is that it is not frozen in recipe books so we find a great interest in ways to explore the food scene, from cookery workshops to street food tours and fine dining… foodies read on!

Moroccan Cooking Class

Expand your repertoire in the kitchen and take an excellent organic cookery class in the Ourika Valley or a classic lesson in Moroccan cooking at one of the most historic establishments in Marrakech. Lessons can be taken for half a day, a full day, or for up to a week, depending on where you want to do your cooking class and how in-depth you want to go with learning new skills. You will get to explore the spice culture of Moroccan cuisine, sample some of the surprisingly locally-produced wines, and savor your creations at the end of the class.

Souk cuisine

Souk cuisine offers you the opportunity of learning to cook as the Moroccan do at home, the class is hosted by a Moroccan woman and coached by Gemma the owner. The day starts in the morning by heading to the market, where local sellers sell their home-grown goods or food, home-made according to traditional methods, and then cooking in the courtyard of a traditional Moroccan riad. All this takes about 4 hours and then you will dine on your own cooked dishes, washed down with some locally-produced wine. After the meal, around 15h30, you will have a delicious mint-tea, according to Moroccan tradition.

Tanjia Storytelling Evening

Moroccan storytelling is one of the ancient art in Moroccan culture that dates back almost 1000 years it was an ultimate way fo family gatherings after dinner time before the harmful influence of globalization and technology. Our special take on this dinning in a unique private venue buried in the labyrinth of alleyways in the Marrakech medina whilst being treated to 1001 stories. This is going to be a very rich culinary experience as you’ll head to a Farnatchi - an underground oven - where your delicious dinner has been simmering among the ashes in a Tanjia pot for the past five hours and is ready to be collected.


Each of us has his own definition of adventure, we understand it perfectly especially when you go with your children or when you are a certain age. Morocco is a vast adventure playground with almost limitless possibilities for adventure and discovery, its diverse terrains make it a great destination for thrill-seekers and adventure-lovers. Check out some of our top adventure ideas

Hot Air Ballooning

There is no better start to the day than an unforgettable Hot Air Balloon flight at sunrise. Flights offer a bird’s eye view of Berber villages, rocky deserts, a desert oasis, and also the High Atlas Mountains and can be organized on a privatized basis or as a shared experience with others. The diversified landscapes will leave you breathless. The captain and his team will welcome you to a tea, coffee, and Moroccan pastries, while you witness the preparation of the hot air balloon. You will be amazed by the sublime view of over 360- degree panorama of the picturesque city and its countryside. After your flight, you will enjoy a Berber breakfast under a caïdale tent.

Camel trekking in the Sahara Desert

There is nothing actually like the joys of climbing up lofty Sahara sand dunes, at dusk to see the sunset kissing the distant golden dunes. Camel trekking in the desert consists to do a trip on camels back or on feet, depending on your choice. Trekking in the desert is as much a thoughtful experience as it is a trip to discover the largest hot desert in the world, and the third-largest desert overall after Antarctica and the Arctic.

Ouzoud waterfalls day trip & Optional Boat Ride

Explore picturesque Berber villages and the dramatic Ouzoud Falls, one of Morocco's natural wonders, and the highest natural waterfalls in north Africa on a full-day sightseeing tour from Marrakech. Meet your local guide to start your walking tour and follow the path to the lip of the falls, behold the tiered cascades that tumble from different heights down into a natural amphitheater of red-colored rock cliffs, absorb the roar of the cascades as you take photos, Dive into the inviting waters of the Al Abid River for a swim in wild nature. Meet the local monkeys of the Grand Atlas that congregate by the water, and witness the shimmering rainbows that usually form in the mists wreathed around the plunging waters.


Morocco has been around for thousands of years and has inherited centuries of tradition. It has a vibrant culture that is expressed each day in the little details that make up daily routines and habits, as well as in celebrations and rituals. Our vision of Absolute immersive experiences is aimed at providing fun, informative and engaging encounters with local people as a way to soak up Morocco's irresistible lifestyle and understanding more about a culture that will enchant you during your stay.

A tour of the unusual Marrakech with a renowned architect

It is an unusual and original Marrakech that reveals itself to you. In the company of a professional guide-architect, you will discover the emblematic places of the capital but also places that are not part of a classic visit route, palaces and private houses, hitherto inaccessible to the public.

Under the watchful eye of our design and urban planning expert, certain monuments and districts will no longer hold any secrets for you. Even better, they will take on a whole new meaning! Here we reserve an exclusive experience for you with an itinerary that will reserve great surprises just for you.

Medina & Museums walking tour

No trip to Morocco is complete without exploring at least one of its mysterious medinas and getting lost in a warren of labyrinthine alleyways in these ancient walled cities. Traveling from Gueliz (The new city) to Medina or from Fès Jedid (the New town), to the awe-inspiring Fez El Bali is like stepping back in time. Most cities in Morocco have a Medina, and the medinas of Fez, Tetouan, Essaouira, and Marrakech are inscribed in the World Heritage List.

They have impressive monuments Kasbahs, battlements, gardens, Palaces, mosques and fountains, etc. and are a veritable open-air theatre. Our walking tours which are a great way to get orientated in your trip focuses on street life, people, and great monuments, they are organized on a private basis and individually designed around your preferences. so feel free to provide us with information on your specific interests.

Artisan Workshops

Moroccans are skillful and creative. Crafts are a family affair. Morocco culture wants it to be passed on from generation to generation. It is therefore not surprising that this branch is very developed in this country. Besides, together with tourism and agriculture, it constitutes the economic lung of the country. Who does not know the famous Moroccan pottery or carpet? A tour in the souks is put to appreciate the masterpieces in leather, ceramic, or silver. Large-scale production is not on the craftsmen's agenda, and getting an insight into these ancient arts is a treasure. No matter what your particular area of interest we can match you up with an artisan for half and full-day workshops in Marrakech and Fez.

Yves Saint Laurent museum

Vaporous and sensual like the fall of silk or organza, this exclusive visit to the French pope's museum of haute couture is an ode to sensuality, dream, and creativity. In the opulent Villa Oasis, Saint Laurent has sketched out some of his most beautiful designs and hosted some of his wildest parties.

He turned it into a fashion museum at the cutting edge of technology, with modern and traditional Moroccan influences.

Essaouira Day Trip from Marrakech

Travel in a full-day trip to the Atlantic coast to visit the peaceful and calm city of Mogador, (known as Essaouira), cross the Argan trees forest, where you might spot some goats climbing the trees, and also get the opportunity to visit a cooperative of local Berber women producing the marvelous argan oil and some locally made cosmetic products rich in liquid Gold. Enjoy a guided visit to the Portuguese port of the old Mogador to watch the bobbing blue small-scale fishermen boats in the harbor who are a signature of the city, walk to the Portuguese bastions the Skala and ramparts who were built when Portuguese briefly held the city from 1506-1541, the Mellah or Jewish quarter, the little streets of the city's old Medina and appreciate its blue doors. Meander through the town’s shops and peruse through carpets and kilims to perfect your appreciation for Berber design, enjoy a lunch of delicious grilled fresh fish. One reason people love to visit Essaouira? There’s a very little hassle, It’s much different than in larger cities.


To discover Morocco with your family is to immerse yourself in a country vibrant with colors, sounds, and smells... The family is absolutely sacred in Morocco and most Moroccans love children. Morocco is a huge playground, full of fun things, new foods, experiences and sights, that make it the perfect travel destination to boost your children’s development and expand their horizons and education not to mention quality family time. In this section, we focus on listing only a few experiences as we believe that by dipping into some of the other experiences you’ll find that they aim to satisfy all tastes and all ages.

Camel Riding

Enjoy your sunset camel ride through the desert filled with palm groves away from the city fuss, this experience is perfect for couples or families and especially for children, whisking them off their feet for an exceptional ride. The camel trek can take palace in the palm grove of Marrakech, in the vast Stone Desert or in the Sahara desert, as fun and nomadic style way of arriving at an overnight desert camp. Contact us to customize this experience to your likings.