Culinary Morocco experiences

Traveling also means discovering traditions and opening up to new cultures. Taste the local cuisine is, therefore, an integral part of the trip! Moroccan cuisine is a reflection of its history and the different populations that have lived on its land. It comes from ancestral know-how which is transmitted from generation to generation through gesture and speech. Its particularity is that it is not frozen in recipe books so we find a great interest in ways to explore the food scene, from cookery workshops to street food tours and fine dining… foodies read on!

Moroccan Cooking Class

Expand your repertoire in the kitchen and take an excellent organic cookery class in the Ourika Valley or a classic lesson in Moroccan cooking at one of the most historic establishments in Marrakech. Lessons can be taken for half a day, a full day, or for up to a week, depending on where you want to do your cooking class and how in-depth you want to go with learning new skills. You will get to explore the spice culture of Moroccan cuisine, sample some of the surprisingly locally-produced wines, and savor your creations at the end of the class.

Souk cuisine

Souk cuisine offers you the opportunity of learning to cook as the Moroccan do at home, the class is hosted by a Moroccan woman and coached by Gemma the owner. The day starts in the morning by heading to the market, where local sellers sell their home-grown goods or food, home-made according to traditional methods, and then cooking in the courtyard of a traditional Moroccan riad. All this takes about 4 hours and then you will dine on your own cooked dishes, washed down with some locally-produced wine. After the meal, around 15h30, you will have a delicious mint-tea, according to Moroccan tradition.

Tanjia Storytelling Evening

Moroccan storytelling is one of the ancient art in Moroccan culture that dates back almost 1000 years it was an ultimate way fo family gatherings after dinner time before the harmful influence of globalization and technology. Our special take on this dinning in a unique private venue buried in the labyrinth of alleyways in the Marrakech medina whilst being treated to 1001 stories. This is going to be a very rich culinary experience as you’ll head to a Farnatchi - an underground oven - where your delicious dinner has been simmering among the ashes in a Tanjia pot for the past five hours and is ready to be collected.