Step 1

Morocco Tour Customization

In Absolute Morocco, no half measures allowed. We put our all into making sure that our knowledge, expertise and partnerships can create the most extraordinary experiences in Morocco. We will minutiously plan your trip taking into consideration the big picture (structure, travel style, cities you want to visit), the important details (accommodation, activities, logistics) and the tiny details (restaurant reservations, special activities)

Moroccan woman cooking Moroccan bread Betbout in essaouira

Step 2

Custom Tour Planning

Get Started by telling us about your ideal trip and the kind of experiences you’d like to include. Whether you come to Absolute Morocco with a clear idea of ​​your travel priorities or you only know that you have to escape. No worries either way, after we receive your “plan my trip request” we'll deeply analyze it and then arrange an initial phone consultation or exchange emails with you. We will take time to listen to you and we will ask you a lot of questions. The aim is to understand what you’re looking for and to make Morocco the most remarkable experience of your life.

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moroccan female Shepherd goats in Essaouira Morocco

Step 3

Custom Tour sketching

Now that we have a clear idea about what you are looking for, it’s our turn to come up with ideas and start crafting your trip. We will start by creating a blueprint, an outline of your tour that includes all the necessary elements we discussed earlier, we will be focusing on the big pictures but with detail to allow you to make choices and navigate your options, we might even line up some extra calls and come up with unexpected suggestions… We will also propose places and activities with a precise description that we think you might like. This is to give you an accurate yet not incomplete picture of what we think really fits your request. You'll receive a customized trip proposal, which we'll continue to refine with your feedback. Once you approve the final proposal, we’ll complete this step, by gathering some personal information and collecting a deposit.

fishman in Morocco selling fish in Essaouira local market

Step 4

Custom Tour Building

After your itinerary is refined to perfection, we'll handle the rest. we’ll collect a confirmation deposit which amounts to 30-100% of the total trip price, to allow us to start booking all the elements of the trip, talking to guides, researching ideas … making appointments, coordinate all logistics, then we'll deliver a fully detailed itinerary that tells the story of the trip day by day. Should you want to change something on your itinerary before leaving, decide you want to take that cooking class after all. Not a problem. We’ll happily adjust your itinerary accordingly. 60 days prior to the start of the trip, we’ll send you a final itinerary, and collect full payment.

moroccan ceramic pot for harira Essaouira Morocco

Step 5

Grab Your Camel And Hit The road

Welcome to Morocco, it's time for all these plans to unfold, for you to get mesmerized by the beauty of this thousand year old country. Your assistant is going to provide with an “Absolute Morocco Travel Kit” to guide you through each day, keep in mind that we will be keeping an eye on things along the way and that someone is always with you. We’re available 24 hours a day and seven days a week and fully dedicated and passionate about our work and country, that's why most of our business is repeat or referral bookers looking to fulfill their travel dreams with peace of mind once again.

happy moroccan man and camel in Essaouira Morocco

Step 6

Endless Morocco

We’re always working to make our ideas better and we’re constantly striving to provide excellent journeys. Now that you’ve had your Absolute Morocco Tour, we’d like your thoughts. We’ll collect your feedback on-line, by phone, or in person, whatever works best for you. Your feedback is invaluable to us and helps us make sure every journey with Absolute Morocco is as good as it can be.

doors in the old city of Essaouira Morocco